I love makeup. This is for me to share my EOTDs, NOTDs, rare FOTDs and anything else beauty/cosmetic-related that I think other people would find interesting :)

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A couple of weeks ago Mattese Elite came up on Hautelook and I wanted to try them out.  Apparently they are exclusive to this one beauty store in NY.  

Anyway, doing a general google search, they are mostly known for their nailpolish (in my opinion it’s usually easier to make good quality nailpolish at cheaper prices than some cosmetics).  I couldn’t  find much else about the other cosmetics they sell; there were a couple of sketchy reviews (it seems like they were SENT the items and gave a positive review… ew).

So I got Pink Lady blush, Deepest Brown (matte) eyeshadow and 4 Lipsticks in Happy Ending (bright fuchsia), Ecstasy (pink that leans coral) , Promiscuous (typical rich red), and  Bi (dusty pink) — they are all cremes.

The blush and eyeshadow are just average.  I haven’t tested the eyeshadow yet on my eyelids… but I have been using them for my brows lol.  The blush (matte) isn’t super pigmented but it looks nice on my cheeks.  

As for the lipsticks… they are subpar for their price.  They reminded me of Nyx round lipsticks because of their similarity in thin formulation.  Don’t get me wrong, I (kind of) like Nyx lipsticks (way back when I was first starting to collect makeup, I bought them for $1 each … I think you can get them now for like 2.50??).  Anyway, I have about… 50? of them… a TON.  

Anyway, one think I thought was strange, was that they look matte but when you apply them to your lips… they get this really “wet” look (glossy, I guess).  I would have preferred a matte finish; I think eventually it dries to a more… “satin” look.  Also the formula is too thin for me to want to wear such bright colors out.  I don’t know how they will perform and don’t want to take the risk that they bleed like crazy. 

Colorwise, Bi is too milky/light for my lips on its own.  Maybe adding a lipliner will help (my lips are kind of pigmented… which are nicely enhanced by some color families but others, especially milky colors, it makes my lips look gross).  Also bc of the thin formula Bi isn’t opaque (my least favorite).  My favorite shade is happy ending :) (it’s right up my alley, love my bright blue-pinks/fuchsias).  The rest are just okay.  The classic red is just a red… the formula is great enough to reach for; I would prefer using OCC NSFW lip tar.  In fact, I did try that —- I used Promiscuous first as a ‘base’ of sorts and then added NSFW on top.  

Oh, the lipsticks also have quite a sweet caramel scent, which smells sweeter than other caramel-scented lipsticks (Mac, for instance). 

In general, I guess it was okay to try out the brand… but all the products generally were a letdown.  I have high standards for my makeup, sorry Mattese Elite!

I’ve been thinking of consolidating my makeup soon. I’m thinking I’ll do it after I graduate (~3months!!).  I’m really looking forward to having ALL my makeup in one place :D

Sorry I’ve not been posting EOTDs or FOTDs or even NOTDs…. I’ve, again stopped wearing makeup on a daily basis due to a super busy schedule! I have like 2 or 3 that I can post… that I’ll post soon but otherwise, none are really that interesting!  I’ve been trying to at least to do my brows, add a cheek highlighter and do a bright lip as a quickie.  I miss the bright eyeshadow so badly! :( 

Spring Break is coming up, I plan to do looks quite frequently then!